Talent on call

True diversity is about understanding the needs of the segments that one refers to as ‘diverse’ and being able to create a business model that supports their needs. It is not about being able t0 offer more and more ‘diverse’ people an ‘existing’ business model and an ‘existing’ role.

Take for instance the challenge of tapping people who are skilled, talented, known to be committed but are unable to take up full time roles due to pressing personal issues, which might be related to their own health or other family related circumstances.

Organizations can certainly consider having a pipeline of such people, who are known to be promising, maybe even alumni or freshers whom they are unable to offer cookie cut positions, available on call.

This addresses the huge bench problem and the sudden peak problems that organizations are dealing with. Not that organizations are not doing this but my contention is that the pipeline management and the screening of talent for this needs to be done as an in-house activity for it to provide quality talent. Studying the pockets where activities are likely to peak and establishing a pipeline of active people can save an organization from a loss of business or even credibility.

It is a great activity for recruiters to engage in when they have bandwidth. These resources could even be paid a minimum amount so they continue to be available – and minimum could be anything – really negligible but something, perhaps for a duration of say 6 months or till such time we anticipate some peaks happening. Take for instance, housewives – I would actually rather refer to them as latent talent – many have given up their jobs to be with their families and many are well qualified, great with communication, experienced workers. If there could be a pipeline of such people available on call, for any kind of work – marketing, communication, instructional design, proposal making – the opportunities are endless – wouldn’t it be wonderful! It is almost like creating a parallel of the virtual assistants site.

It is the next generation of service delivery – an ‘offline’ service arm, meant for repeatable tasks / processes which does not require live resources working from office.

If there is a project HR needs to invest in – it is this – create a pool of virtual assistants who are available on call as and when required by the organization.

What innovation projects are you aware of in your or your client’s HR organization?


About Nnaumrata Arora Singh

Conscious Living Coach, Life balance Coach for women, Eco Citizen, advocate and founder of Life Beyond Motherhood, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Consultant, Director India - Charter for Compassion (Environment and Women & Girls)
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