To conserve talent, collaborate

In this world of talent scarcity, worsening by the day, educationists are trying hard to keep up with the requirements of the corporates. Corporates are trying hard to integrate their programs into educational institutions in order that they might be able to get the right talent someday.

Unfortunately, the world of tomorrow will hold many new roles which we are unable to foresee today. This leaves what I call a talent blind spot for organizations. How do they fill this void today?

Enter Collaboration. When we are in a world of talent scarcity, with more and more people moving to entrepreneurship and wanting flexible roles (not just women, men too!), options for organizations are limited. Experts in any area are only a handful and the number is fast dwindling. Smart organizations would choose to collaborate and might consider exchanging their Talent. You give me a good HR Professional, I will give you a SAP professional in return. If the resource is good, the deal stays and we continue to exchange else we move on. It might sound simplistic, but well, who knows, this might be the key to sustaining talent.

I would even take it a step further to say organizations might want to consider sharing niche experts. The experts, by virtue of their scarcity, might be kind of unaffordable by a single organization in the future. In all likelihood, the experts might want to work on multiple assignments and get extensive exposure to keep themselves up to date. That’s what would keep them an expert after all. Expecting to monopolize resources by overpaying may not work beyond a point. It is hence, imperative for organizations to seriously consider collaboration and create new models of leveraging the limited pool of resources that we are left with.

Expertise today, is like the dwindling wildlife. State and nation agreements need to be signed with the common objective of conserving them.

Corporates, what’s your latest count of attrition of experts?

About Nnaumrata Arora Singh

Spiritual Eco Feminism Writer, Advocate of Compassion, Social Change Catalyst, Conscious Living Coach, Workshop Leader, Circle Convenor, Systems Science Researcher, Founder - Zemyna Foundation and Life Beyond Motherhood
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