Matching the pairs

First up, I want to add a disclaimer that this post might be more focused on technology really and not solely on HR. I really did not want to create a fifth blog so I thought I might as well include this in HR. HR is Human Resources, anyways! Hope you find it thought provoking.

Increasingly, I get the feeling that one of the side effects of convergence is that teams as we used to know them, are morphing into each other and roles seem to be morphing into each other. No wonder the inter-team meetings are killing everyone! Nobody has the complete view yet a complete view of what an employee goes through is invaluable. A generalist, hence, who is created as a result of moving across functions and gathering multiple expertise is far more valuable to an organization than a generalist who has always been a generalist in that sense.

As people in learning struggle with offering relevant content to people anytime, anywhere, people across functions are having similar struggles. At the end of the day, people have more information than ever and lesser time than ever and more expectations than ever.

In such a scenario, while organizations continue to tread the path of launching initiatives and flaunt their feathers one after another, the basic point, is missed (as it has been on many occasions).

The point being – we train people to be good mentors and coaches..and then what? We train people to be buddies for new joiners…and then what? We ask people to network…and then what? We set up these really great communities and hope people will keep them buzzing with activity..and then what? We earmark people as experts in the organization and expect them to do some things over and above what we pay them for..and then what? We have a demand on a project which needs to be filled..what do we do?

For a moment, let us turn our attention to our personal lives. Many of us are turning our attention to fitness, looking for a walking partner or a personal fitness coach or someone to cycle to work with. Some of us have children and are perhaps looking for a play date for our child.

Countless instances of the same problem – match the pairs!

By now, I have seen quite a few organizations, big and small, that struggle with trying to build intelligence into their systems to propose the right match using systemic intelligence. If that has failed, they have set up teams which are really glorified match making teams.

I have always believed that the deeper issue one deals with is that of creating a transparent system.

Let information be accessed and choices be made and let the choosers own the outcome of making those choices. We are then, freeing up so many people from a meaningless and rather frustrating task of matching the pairs and working with them to focus on something else which they might finally find of more value.

Could we build a simple yet robust system, which captures information about people in a lot of detail but more importantly, empower the person with a need, to filter possible matches by applying multiple criteria? I am not sure if any technology innovators might be reading this post but if you know of one, please do the HR community a favor and forward this to them! And more importantly, please do share your comments. What do you think?

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About Nnaumrata Arora Singh

Conscious Living Coach, Life balance Coach for women, Eco Citizen, advocate and founder of Life Beyond Motherhood, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Consultant, Director India - Charter for Compassion (Environment and Women & Girls)
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