Enter CCO

Who is a CCO – a Chief Coaching Officer – of course. We have seen a tremendous shift in how organizations are approaching the development of employees. The move from training being a sub-function of HR to L&D being a separate function and in some organizations performance taking a front seat with high end executives responsible for performance improvement. With the kind of evolution employees are going through, wanting to slow down, not wanting to take on stressful roles any more, saying no to travel to spend more time with family, it is only natural that organizations create a new function, namely coaching. Retaining employees is no longer about offering them deferred bonuses or about giving them a better increment than they expect.

We are in an age of a multi-generational workforce and while the Gen X and Y are trying to cope with the millennials and the challenges they bring to the table in terms of their commitment, loyalty and their general work ethics, HR organizations do need to realize that it is the Gen X and Y that would finally keep the teams going and bring about stability, which seems to be a fast disappearing construct.

The priorities of Gen X and Y, though, are fast changing. Coaching can help these employees cope with the changing times and truly impact engagement levels. It is finally by impacting some individuals deeply, that one can expect wider impact. A wider effort intended to enhance employee engagement would only have a very superficial impact of engagement. It is time for coaching.

Most organizations today do deploy a coaching methodology, have empaneled coaches to work with their employees who are going through all kinds of changes in their lives and careers. In the current market situation, with the quality and availability of talent diminishing by the day, would it be wise to abstain from this path? There is no time for cynicism – only an opportunity to make a difference.

Is your organization still trying to build a coaching culture and hoping to train its people in supervisory positions to be coaches or has it started letting coaching into the doors by empaneling certified and experienced coaches?

Not sure where to go to hire coaches? Try some coaching consortiums. A recent one which has started in India is Play2Potential. Why not leverage them? Employees can ‘sample’ coaching sessions, choose to go ahead if it works for them. One has nothing to lose I would think.


About Nnaumrata Arora Singh

Conscious Living Coach, Life balance Coach for women, Eco Citizen, advocate and founder of Life Beyond Motherhood, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Consultant, Director India - Charter for Compassion (Environment and Women & Girls)
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